Presentations & Trainings

PFLAG Newberg believes in Education

We can tailor a talk, free of charge, to suit the needs of your organization.

We have focused our presentations on:

Inclusivity: Staff & Educator Tools

Staff trainings can be district-wide, school-wide, or small department-wide. 

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Curriculum

Are your educators ready to learn how to create, use, and adapt curriculum to be inclusive?

Gender & Sexualtiy

Is your group ready to learn basics principles of Gender & Sexuality? 

LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in Sports

LGBTQ+ Support on the Field:

Training geared towards coaches and sports and athletics organizations.

LGBTQ+ Support in Christianity and other religions

PFLAG Newberg can gear a talk for your religious organization. 

Your Choice

Does your organization need a specific training? Please contact us, and we will make it happen!