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PFLAG Newberg is grateful for your donations.

Donations help PFLAG Newberg in our mission of Supporting, Educating and Advocating.


You may specify that your donation be directed to:

1. Wherever your funds are most needed.

2. Yamhill County Scholarships

3. Newberg School District student groups; GSA, BSU, MEChA

4. Become a Member ($35/annual) 

About PFLAG Newberg Membership:

A $35 annual membership in PFLAG Newberg allows you to vote in our yearly elections, and extends a helping hand to families who have LGBTQ+ members, provides educational materials for families and the public, and offers a voice that stands for equality and justice for all human beings. You can join at any time of the year. A portion ($15) of each member’s dues is forwarded to the PFLAG National, making local chapter members an automatic member of the national organization to support its work at the national level.

You do not need to be a member to attend PFLAG Newberg community meetings or activities! 

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